The TikTok Nacho Table: You Can Do It At Home Too!

One of the greatest lessons TikTok taught us about food, it’s never confined to nachos on a boring platter. Instead, make a ginormous and delicious spread with a nacho table. 

TikTok’s nacho table trend involves heaps of nachos (whether it’s breakfast nachos or shrimp nachos — whatever floats your boat!) stacked or spread on a countertop or a table. People are changing the way they eat nachos by covering their tables in foil before loading them up with a bed of nacho chips, complete with ALL of their favorite toppings. The sky’s the limit with the toppings; who says you have to settle with boring cheese?

The best part? Cleaning up after is way easier.

The initial video, posted by TikTok user @stefherder, has over 3.5 million views and more than 500,000 likes, so it’s safe to assume that many people are fascinated with the idea of a nacho table. Check TikTok and you’ll see that tons of people have done their version of the popular nacho table. You can do the same thing!

If you need a quick and easy yet very fun food idea for your next dinner party, try out TikTok’s nacho bar on a table. It’s an outrageous food idea that makes any gathering more fun. You can even create these table nachos for yourself.

What Is A Nacho Table?

It’s not an edible table made of nachos, sadly (despite how delicious that idea sounds), but it’s yet another good thing.

As mentioned above, the idea is that you cover your table with foil before piling it up with the nachos of your choice (from BBQ nachos and shrimp nachos to extravagant breakfast nachos). Of course, no nacho table is complete without the fixings. Just check out the delicious creations littered all over TikTok!

The only dinnerware present used in this nacho bar on a table is the spoon (or spoons) for the toppings. Other than that, there are no forks and plates; just foil, a whole lot of napkins and hands. It’s a messy affair, of course. But as mentioned above, the cleanup is easy.

When it comes to serving these nachos, you don’t have to worry about creating individual plates for all of your guests. Everyone can serve themselves. All they have to do is surround the table, grab nachos and ladle their toppings of choice.

A good thing about nacho tables is that it’s an easy fix, whether you’re planning for a gathering with friends or are looking for another way to enjoy food. If you want to share nachos, just make sure you’re sharing them with people who are healthy (health is wealth during these COVID times!).

How Do You Make A Nacho Table?

First things first, cover the table with foil or anything that will make clean up after easy. In the original TikTok video, the family used tin foil. If you don’t have foil at home, a plastic tablecloth is a good alternative. You can also wrap the table in cling wrap if you have one.

Next, cover the table with enough chips for your family or guests. Depending on the number of people eating, the number of chips will vary, but you want to be sure that there are enough chips on the table to hold all of the toppings.

You can make queso and ground beef to spread on the chips on the table. Apart from this traditional nacho cheese topping, you can also add other toppings like salsa, lettuce, peppers, onions, jalapenos, and guacamole to the middle of the table so people can dip as they please. Other potential toppings to add to the table include cilantro, black olives, refried beans, black beans, corn, shredded lettuce, sour cream or shredded chicken.

You can also spread the toppings around the table so that guests will claim their corner of the table. With a nacho table, bigger is better so that everyone will have more space or that you can pile up more nachos and toppings. You’ll also have more space for other nacho table essentials like a pitcher of margarita!

Safety First: Healthy Practices For Your Nacho Table Party

Black ceramic bowl with nachos
Photo by Coffeefy Workafe on Unsplash

While sharing nachos on a table sounds like a fun idea, there are worries concerning this TikTok trend. If there’s one thing COVID-19 taught us, it’s that social distancing can save lives. During the height of the pandemic, everyone was discouraged from staying too close, let alone sharing food — which are two things that you do with a taco table or a nacho table.

To make sure everyone stays safe, hold a nacho table party with people in your pod, aka people who live in your home. You can also host a nacho table party with people who are vaccinated. Either way, always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds first before digging in.

Other Nacho Table FAQs

How Do You Keep Nacho Cheese Warm at a Party?

Use a crockpot to keep your cheese warm conveniently. You can place the pot on the table with the rest of the chips and the dips and toppings. Whether you made the cheese in the crockpot or are transferring from the microwave or the stove, the pot will keep your cheese warm all night.

Instead of letting the guests double-dip inside the pot itself, just use the pot to warm your cheese. Ladle enough cheese on the table and let the remaining cheese warm on the crockpot.

How Do You Keep Nacho Chips Warm?

Person Holding a Burger With Tomato and Lettuce with nachos
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

If you want warm chips, remember: the oven is your best friend. Just spread your store-bought tortilla chips on a sheet pan and bake them at 350°F. Wait for them to warm up (five minutes should do). During this time, the nachos will begin to toast up on the edges, which is perfect for people who love toasted nacho chips. A little heat brings life back to your chips, especially those that are beginning to go stale.

If you have a nacho chip warmer, even better! Make sure to warm up your nacho chips before serving them to your table.

Have a little fun with your food by having your own nacho table at your next party. Just make sure to be safe!

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