Ranking Your Fave Comfort Food from Good to the BEST

When life gives you lemons, you eat lemons — or any food that makes you happy.

Food brings much joy and comfort, especially when you feel down, sick or just need a big hug (that isn’t from people). There’s nothing better than capping off a stressful day curled up on the couch while munching on your favorite comfort food.

Merriam Webster defines “comfort food” as food that usually has a sentimental or nostalgic appeal to a person. It’s usually characterized by food that’s high in calories, high in carbohydrate levels or can be easily prepared.

Comfort food is THE food we turn to when we feel sad, frustrated or just a bit of security. It can be anything you crave: pizza, burger, chocolate or a big cup of coffee. The food that gives you the most comfort is your comfort food.

Is your comfort food the comfort food of others too? 

Here’s the ranking of our favorite comfort food from good to best (because there’s no such thing as “bad” comfort food).

Good: Chicken Pot Pie

Australia and Great Britain have their savory pies whereas Italy and Latin America have their calzones and empanadas. In America, the chicken pot pie may claim the title of “BEST PIE” and “BEST COMFORT FOOD.”

Chicken pot pie is a baked comfort food staple that mixes vegetables and stewed meat under drop biscuits, a buttery pie crust or phyllo dough. The best chicken pot pies are made with fried chicken, mushroom gravy and mixed vegetables wrapped in butter biscuits. Perfect for a cold night while you’re reading a book.

Good-er: Breakfast Burrito

Burrito on white plate
Photo by Frank Alarcon on Unsplash

The breakfast burrito is the lovechild of a favorite Mexican meal and your favorite meal of the day. Breakfast burritos are loaded with bacon, tater tots, avocado and eggs topped with cilantro crema and molcajete salsa. These burritos are often served in a flour tortilla and satisfy your midnight cravings for a breakfast meal.

Good-est: Fish Tacos

Jumping off from one Mexican dish to another, fish tacos are also the best companions when you’re feeling down or just want to take a break. These tacos can be made with seared mahi mahi or battered white fish, topped with a sprinkle of crunchy cabbage, a squeeze of lime and a dollop of white sauce (which is often mayo-based).

Salty. Crispy. Creamy. Spicy. Yummy. The fish taco induces bliss on your taste buds. Small wonder that it’s made to this list of comfort food.

Better: Chili

Green and red chilis
Photo by Laker from Pexels

Often associated with county fairs, chili is comfort food that warms the soul whether you’re enjoying it at the fair or at home. Regional takes on this iconic comfort food include everything from pots of delicious beef and beans to spicy Texas varieties and healthy turkey bowls. Some versions of the chili include a plate of spaghetti topped with mildly spicy beef chilly, kidney beans, chopped onions and shredded cheese.

Better-er: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

There’s nothing better than the combination of gooey cheese and sweet acidic tomatoes (in soup form). The traditional take of tomato soup is always irresistible. Who can resist chunky tomato soup paired with buttery grilled cheese? If you want to level up this pairing, go for a deluxe sandwich with country ham or applewood bacon and tomato.

Better-rest: Pizza

Pizza with berries
Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Pizza is the ULTIMATE comfort food everyone loves. Whether you’re a fan of the basic pepperoni pizza or want to spice it up with different flavor combinations, you can’t go wrong with satisfying your cravings with pizza.

If you want something more with this comfort food, why not indulge in a Chicago deep-dish pizza? Make your day better by enjoying Italian pork sausage nestled between a delicious crust and tomato sauce, smothered with cheese.

BESTEST: Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken on stainless tray
Photo by Lucas Andrade on Unsplash

Fast-food fried chicken is always a welcome meal for anyone who craves crunchy and salty comfort food. There’s just something delicious about a bucket of fried chicken, especially when you’re eating it while watching a game/favorite series or when you’re all alone and just want to eat your feelings out.

If you’re tired of fast food, you can always make a batch of homemade fried chicken. Season your chicken with salt and pepper before dredging it all in flour and buttermilk. Spice it all up by adding your spices to the bread crumbs. You can add cayenne pepper, paprika and lemon pepper for a Southern fried chicken party. Complete this comfort food by serving mashed potatoes.

Do you agree with our comfort food ranking? Or do you have a ranking of your own? Share it with us.

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