This is How to Fold a Burrito Properly: A Guide

The burrito is probably the most convenient comfort food out there. When wrapped properly, a big burrito can be the best food delivery system — you have all of your favorite ingredients wrapped securely in a delicious tortilla wrap (or whatever wrap you choose). On the other hand, wrap a burrito improperly, you’ll end up with a burrito blanket mess.

When it comes to rolling a burrito, there’s a certain finesse that comes with it. That’s why many people are Googling “how to wrap a burrito.” No one wants a messy burrito. There are many ways you can incorrectly roll your burrito and deal with a burrito that splits down in the middle or its ends are unfurling.

Simply put, no one wants to lose the filling while chomping down on their favorite super burrito. 

Instead of dealing with a big burrito mess, learn how to properly fold a burrito. Fortunately, wrapping one correctly isn’t rocket science; it’s a precarious art that is easier than you think. 

We break down the steps to teach you how to properly wrap a burrito.

What’s the Best Tortilla for Wrapping Burritos?

You will never go wrong with a large flour tortilla. Flour tortillas are stretchy, which means you can fill it with as many ingredients as you want, and the tortilla will expand to accommodate all the fillings. Corn tortillas aren’t sturdy enough, especially for people who want fat burritos. If you use these wrappers, you’ll enjoy a crunchy burrito, but these are prone to breaking and cracking.

If you want to still use a corn tortilla, go with a steamed one. Make sure it stays moist and always heat it to prevent cracking.

With any tortilla, it’s important to ensure the wrap is moist/warmed before wrapping so it remains pliable and soft enough to fold. Doing so spares you from sauces leaking out through a cracked burrito.

When it comes to choosing the brand of your tortilla, Target’s house brand, Market Pantry, has 10-inch burrito flour tortillas that do the trick. It makes for a tender yet sturdy burrito that is slightly chewier than most burrito tortilla wraps. These wraps have a bright lemony flavor that adds a bit of tang to your burrito, especially when stuffed with the right fillings.

If you want more space in your tortilla, Maria and Ricardo’s taco-size tortillas can accommodate as many ingredients allowed as possible (just make sure to not overstuff!). If you want your tortilla to be flaky, shop for Tortilla Fresca. If you want a thicker tortilla, La Tortilla’s Factory Handmade-Style tortilla is the best for your burrito.

How Do You Fold a Burrito as They Do in Restaurants?

A bunch of burritos
Photo by Ryan Concepcion on Unsplash
  1. Stretch your flour tortilla by warming it first

    Place your tortilla on a hot pan for 30 seconds before flipping it to warm the other side. If you can’t warm it in a pan, wrap your tortilla in a stack of damp paper towels and steam them in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

  2. Arrange the burrito feelings in a line down the center of the tortilla

    Make sure to fill the center evenly and leave the bottom and top parts uncovered. While it’s tempting to just stuff all of the fillings in your burrito, resist the urge. It’s impossible to properly fold an overstuffed tortilla.

  3. Fold the sides of the tortilla inwards

    Next, fold the wrap one to two inches inwards. This prevents the filling from spilling out of the burrito’s bottom as you eat it. Now, fold the bottom to completely cover the filling.

  4. Roll the burrito over the ingredients

    When you roll the burrito, tuck as you roll. Tucking the flap firmly inwards secures the delicious burrito fillings.

  5. Continue rolling until your burrito is secure

    Roll your burrito until the seam’s side is down and serve it.

Once you serve your burrito, make sure to eat it whole. 

In commercials, you see fast food taco places slicing the burrito in the bottom before serving it. But traditionally, burritos must be enjoyed whole. Eating it whole allows the juices to soak down, creating a delicious and flavor-packed burrito.

Tips for Folding a Burrito

Burrito with red sauce
Photo by Ruyan Ayten on Unsplash

There are many ways to secure your burrito to keep its tasty contents from falling out. One of the best techniques to keep your burrito intact is to sear it in a sauté pan after filling it out. Searing the burrito binds the edges together, especially if you stuff your burrito with lots of cheese. Sautéing keeps all the ingredients melted in a gooey cheesy mess. Think of it like grilled cheese.

Here’s how to fold a burrito by sautéing:

  1. Place the filled burrito in a hot skillet. Let the pan heat up to bind the burrito’s edges.
  2. Flip over and sear on the other side.

You can also wrap your burrito in foil or parchment paper.   

Other Burrito Tips

Apart from rolling your burrito with confidence, there are other ways to consider so you can enjoy the best burrito in town. Here are other tips to consider:

  1. Season everything

    Rice is a fundamental ingredient in most burrito recipes. So, make sure to season your rice always. You can use bay leaf, cumin or other zesty spices. Feel free to experiment with spices to achieve that balance of zest and heat for your burrito.

  2. Choose your meat carefully

    You can’t go wrong with using hanger steak for your burrito. Carnitas, aka slow-cooked pork, is also a good meat choice for burritos. If you want chicken, try thigh parts.

  3. Layer on the beans

    Although not all burrito recipes call for beans, they are important burrito ingredients. If you want a better-tasting burrito, layer on the refried beans. No matter which beans you choose, make sure that you add the right amount so that you won’t overpower the other ingredients.

The best burritos are the ones wrapped properly despite being filled to the fullest. Make sure you practice wrapping burritos to enjoy this comfort food right through the end.


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