The Science Behind Why Ice Cream Makes You Feel Good

Stress has become so common in the modern world. Everyone, including young people, are bound to feel stressed because of the pressure that comes from work or school, social media, the news, as well as relationships and everyday life. What everyone needs now is a way to relieve any stress they may experience.

Food is a common way people deal with stress. Certain types of food for many people bring positive memories that temporarily helps them forget about their problems. They bring comfort to those who are dealing with immense pressure.

Ice cream, in particular, has been known to be one of the most popular stress relievers around the world. If you’re wondering how ice cream causes relief from stress, here’s the science behind it.

teen holding an ice cream

Sugar is an Energy Booster

Anything sweet can give you the energy you need to better deal with everyday stressors. It can give you that surge of energy you need to stay motivated and just get stuff done! This is why ice cream, soda, cookies, candy, and other sugar-rich foods are friend favorites for those who want to relieve stress.

Of course, the energy boost you will get from it is temporary. It may later lead to a crash. However, the brief moment of zing you get from one scoop of ice cream might be exactly what you need to do that extra thing you need to get done.

It Has a Cooling Effect

The cold temperature of ice cream can help to cool down your body temperature, relieving your stress at the same time. The cold feeling is also soothing and calming which helps make you feel more relaxed. It’s like taking a break or meditating except with sweet relief! This might explain why people crave ice cream when they are suffering from stress.

What’s more, the cold temperature of ice cream can help to relieve any pain or discomfort that might be troubling you. You might have a headache or muscle aches that just won’t go away. A sweet scoop of your favorite flavor can melt all your troubles away because it has the power to numb any pain you may be feeling.

Dairy is Soothing

You’ve probably drank milk before bed to help you sleep when you were a kid. It wasn’t just a myth. Scientists say that there is a compound in dairy called tryptophan which can produce serotonin, a brain chemical that’s known to make you feel better and more relaxed.

Ice cream has milk or milk concentrate to make it creamy. This means that when you eat it, the dairy in it will help to relieve your stress by producing serotonin.

Calcium is also an important mineral that helps us relax, especially for women. Calcium-rich foods include dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and, of course ice cream. Those who don’t like dairy can get their daily dose of calcium from dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, sunflower seeds, and fatty fishes like salmon. Calcium, according to studies, can relax muscles and stave off negative moods.

It’s a Cuddle Buddy

The coldness of ice cream makes it a great cuddle buddy. It can provide temporary relief from the hot weather as well as comfort someone who may be feeling alone or depressed. Ice cream can help boost your mood by providing a sense of security that comforts those who may feel stressed from within.

Ice Cream Has Many Positive Memories

For many people who love ice cream, eating it takes them back to happy times in their lives as childhood activities like enjoying an ice cream soda with their parents at the park. This isn’t just a coincidental thing. Ice cream often contains flavors that evoke positive memories people have of important relationships or day-to-day activities that bring them joy.

Many ice creams, for example, are made up of flavors like vanilla which reminds us of happy childhood memories our parents shared with us.

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried ice cream in a while because of the calories, consider using this to your advantage. Just by enjoying one scoop or two of your favorite flavor can help relieve stress temporarily which will make you feel better. For some people, it can be just what they need before hitting the gym for that much-needed workout or after as a reward for yourself.

It’s important to note, however, that ice cream should not be the main source of nutrients or your diet as it is high in fat and sugar which can cause health problems down the road if eaten excessively. So remember: one scoop a day keeps stress at bay!

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