Planning to Replace Your Car? Consider These Upgrades First!

Buying a brand-new car can be expensive. You will have to prepare for the extra costs on top of the actual value of the vehicle you want to buy. This is why many people prefer to upgrade their old car instead of buying a new one.

But upgrading a car needs thorough planning. You can’t just jump into it because that could cost you more money than you anticipated. The key here is to develop a plan according to your car’s needs successfully.

Here are some key considerations as you upgrade your car and achieve an excellently upgraded vehicle at the end of the process.

Ditch Those Old Door Handles

If you own an older car, you are probably aware of the advancements of car technology, including the changes in doors and windows.

Older models of cars do not have an automatic window button. Back then, if you wanted to lower down your window, you had to do it manually, literally. But now, you just have to push a button. All newer models of cars have this feature already, and it’s pretty standard.

That said, you need to consider investing in automatic doors if you want to upgrade your car. After all, they are easier and safer to use. Plus, it’s an upgrade that will make your vehicle safer. But how will you do it? Fret not because you can easily automate your door handles with a shaved door handle kit.

Check Your Tires

Tires have an expiration, and if you want to keep your vehicle safe, you need to change your tires regularly. Experts say that sometimes, a brand-new set of tires is all you need to make your car feel brand new again. This may sound like an exaggeration, but you’ll see the difference once you do it.

Furthermore, a fresh set of tires will increase vehicle reliability and overall performance. The car will be easier to steer and brake. As far as car investments go, replacing your car tires is a cost-effective one.

The tires you will need will depend on your car. For example, if you own a truck, you can consult experts in truck rims and tires to check the best tire features for your vehicle. In general, you have to ensure that your tires have broad bases and visible treads.

Tune Up Your Vehicle

Car tuning has been a general maintenance practice to make a vehicle perform better. However, we refer to tuning up the car’s computer system in this case.

Your car will run better and faster if you tune up its computer system. It can even make the vehicle more fuel-efficient. The good news is that there are technicians who can do this, so you don’t necessarily have to be good with computers to do this. However, that will be ideal if you want to save money.

Upgrade Air Intake

We all know that engines require fuel to work. But did you know that they also need air? One of the best ways to improve your car performance is by upgrading your air intake systems.

Combining an upgraded air intake system and ECU tune-up can make a huge difference. This is practically a cheaper alternative in upgrading your car instead of improving your fuel injectors. You will get the same results, but this method is way more affordable.

You will need to do some research for this one. First of all, you need to know the type of engine of your car because not ll air intake filter fits all engines. You will also realize that there’s a wide range of upgrades you can choose from, so take your time and budget your money.

Get Rear Diffusers

Many first-time upgraders are tempted to bolt enormous spoilers at the back of their cars. While spoilers indeed create more drag and traction, not to mention they look pretty cool, they also increase drag dramatically, making your driving experience awful.

The good news is that there is an alternative update that can increase your drag, which is rear diffusers. You can install them right below the rear bumper to get a similar effect as spoilers. However, they do it a little differently.

This is better, as it can create a more useful drag that does not hurt your car’s suspension. They also do not get broken or damaged easily, making them a great investment.

Upgrades to Avoid
mechanic about to replace a brake pad

Now that you know the critical upgrades you can do to make your car run better, here are some upgrades you need to avoid. These upgrades are usually irrelevant, expensive, and sometimes unsafe for the vehicle.

  • Soilers
  • Fake headlights
  • Big rims
  • Underglow light strips
  • Large gear stick knobs
  • Lowering springs

Here are some car upgrade tips you may want to consider before replacing your old car. With these tips, you can save money and keep your vehicle highly reliable in the years to come.

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