Ways How Successful Food Trucks Choose Location

Anybody would agree that the location of your food truck might be more important than what you sell. If you ask any experienced food truck owners about the consequences of wrong parking, you will get some instant replies. Additionally, owners would have to shut shop for one big mistake after a while. That is, parking the food truck at the wrong location.

Food trucks are not alien to American culture. Moreover, they are increasing as a business. The reason is evident: the minimum expense threshold required to start operating one. Most food trucks propagate their business through social media and classifieds, and crowds are primarily young to working people. Thus, the main idea is to park, where you will get many hungry people.

Moreover, they would love to have your food on a budget. It brings you to a juncture, where food becomes irrelevant in the mouth of hunger. You mainly need to be present at a particular place.

Take a look at some of the most popular places to park your food truck.

College Campuses

You will be amazed to know that cafeterias and food trucks do excellent business near colleges’ entrances and inside the campuses, too. However, for the latter, you need some permission from the authorities. College students are almost always running short on money. Additionally, they look for a quick bite. Moreover, that is what food trucks are for. You should be selling something that they can grab and go. No elaborate menus here. Consider parking your food truck during lunchtime and in the evening when college classes get over.

Gas Stations and Garages

You can also choose the above location to park for a food truck. Many times, you will see convenience stores located inside gas stations. Owners leave the car with the chauffeur to refuel and visit the convenience store to buy stuff. Moreover, many such people are hungry and looking for a meal. Hot dogs, sandwiches, and soft drinks sell like hotcakes. That brings one to the idea of selling cakes as well. Before you park at a gas station, you have to seek permission from the owner.

food truck near gas station

Additionally, you might need to shell out some commission as well. However, it will be more than making up for it.

Most gas stations will also have some mechanic garages nearby. It is pretty evident that some travelers will want to get their tires checked and engine oil refilled. So, you have the added advantage of having an auto repair and restoration service near you.

Most such businesses have professionals who provide quick repair services, apart from fixing heating and cooling inside the truck. As a food business, you might have equipment connected to the vehicle battery, and they can malfunction at any moment. The technicians can diagnose and set your vehicle’s electrical components, too. So, it is a great idea to park somewhere between the two.

Sea Beaches

Sea beaches remain crowded in the mornings and the evenings. So, it may be a good idea to park your vehicle there at such times. There are joggers and fitness aficionados who love to get a fruit snack or juice early on. So, you could try selling fruit salads and juices in the morning. Most parents take their kids out for a stroll and some fun in the evening. So, it just may be the ideal time to sell hot snacks and candies. You do not need elaborate equipment for these. So you can pack quite a punch with your services at the beach at different times. Your stuff should be sold hour within hours.

Commercial Business Areas

You are bound to get lots of hungry employees in this area. Park your truck at one corner, and advertise over a loudspeaker. Do check with the local authorities if you need any permission for that, though. Additionally, you can post the same on social media and boost the post in that area. 9-5 workers look for the best food options here. You can even park inside the complex with prior permission. Some food truck businesses also distribute leaflets at the offices for more awareness. Most business owners might decide to tie up with you for subsidized meals for employees as an employee engagement initiative. You gain both ways.

Sports Venues

Most food trucks have a lineage of success at such places. You will find a market ready to spend on your food, irrespective of what you sell. Whether you can park inside or outside, you will make a neat sum. Just increase the visibility of your truck with flashy posters and neon signage so that people can spot you from a distance.

Thus, you need to incorporate the two most important things to succeed at the given locations — promotion on social media and time-bound activity.  The menu comes later. This can help you become an instant hit at any of the above places.

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