How To Upgrade Your Home For Your Children’s Safety

  • Install safety gates to protect from falls and restrict access to danger zones. 
  • Add fire surrounds, spark screens, and window guards for extra protection around the fireplace.
  • Include rubber mats, non-slip rugs, and furniture bumpers for cushioning falls in bedrooms and playrooms. 
  • Securely fasten furniture to the floor or wall.
  • Install window guards and locks, and opt for cordless blinds when possible.

As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home is safe for your children. Children are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings, which makes them more susceptible to accidents and injuries at home. Home safety upgrades don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. Here are some simple home upgrades you can make to ensure your children’s safety.

Install Safety Gates

Safety gates can help contain your child in safe areas of the house, prevent falls down the stairs, and deter them from entering danger zones. Most safety gates are easy to install and come in different sizes to fit areas in your house, including these:

Halls and Staircases

When it comes to halls and staircases, safety gates are essential for preventing falls that could cause severe injury or even death. Safety gates also can add an additional layer of protection when there is a large gap between the wall and the entrance, ensuring that your child is unable to fit through.

Around the Fireplace

Safety gates can also be used to secure the area around your fireplace. Although fireplaces are not as standard in modern homes, they still pose a significant hazard for children. Safety gates can help keep your child from coming in contact with the hot surface of the fireplace or from reaching any flammable objects nearby. Fire surround guards and spark screens are also available to further secure the fireplace area.

Bedrooms and Playrooms

Safety upgrades should also be considered for bedrooms and playrooms. In bedrooms, window guards can help prevent kids from opening windows too wide, and door locks can help to keep bedrooms off limits. Playrooms should include safety railings or fencing around any elevated areas, such as platforms or slides. Adding rubber mats to playroom floors can help cushion tumbles and falls.

young girl playing on a white playroom with toys

Flooring Fixtures

Flooring fixtures are an essential part of home safety upgrades for children. Childproofing outlets with covers or plugs can help keep tiny fingers away from dangerous electric outlets. Aside from that, here are some other things to consider for your flooring:

Installing a Reducer Transition Strip

A durable reducer transition strip should be installed between any hard floors and carpets. This strip helps to bridge the gap between the two surfaces, reducing the risk of trips and falls. It also helps ensure that furniture won’t catch on a raised surface, which can create an uneven flooring surface and increase the chances of someone slipping and falling.

Adding Slip-Resistant Materials

Adding slip-resistant materials to your home is an integral part of home safety upgrades for children. Materials such as rubber are ideal for high-traffic areas and playrooms, as they provide traction and cushion falls. Non-slip rugs and carpets can also be used in hallways or staircases to help reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Ensuring That All Furniture Is Securely Fastened

Ensuring that all furniture is securely fastened is a crucial part of home safety upgrades for children. It is vital to ensure that any furniture, including dressers, bookshelves, and television stands, is bolted to the wall or floor. Furniture that can tip over when a child pushes or pulls on it can cause serious injuries, so it is essential to check that all furniture is securely fastened.

crib and other furniture securely fastened in a child's room

Window Safety

Windows are an important part of the home, but they can also be dangerous if not properly secured. Consider installing window guards and locks to keep your child from accidentally falling out of the window or pushing it open.

Check regularly to ensure they are secure and functioning correctly. For instance, if a lock is broken, replace it immediately to keep your child safe.

Furthermore, when using window shades or blinds, make sure the cords are secured and out of reach. As an additional safety measure, opt for cordless blinds if possible to reduce the risk of strangulation.

Your child’s safety should always be a top priority. Every home is unique, so ensure that you have identified all the potential hazards in your home to determine what upgrades are necessary. These simple upgrades are just the beginning, but they can certainly set the tone for a safer and more secure home. By doing these upgrades, you are not only protecting your children but also creating a safer home for everyone who lives in it.

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