The 12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

What’s the most important day of the year for men? Valentine’s Day! Of course, their birthday is an obvious answer, but Valentine’s Day tops them all. Your man will appreciate any gift you give him on this special day, so here are 12 ideas to put a smile on his face.

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1. Speakers for His Phone

Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite songs? Does your man ever complain about his phone speakers?

If so, you can solve this problem with a new set of Bluetooth wireless speakers. He’ll be able to blast music from his phone without any fuss!

2. Ticket to a Sporting Event

Is your man into sports? If so, you really can’t go wrong with tickets to a team he loves. It doesn’t matter if his team is in town or not; he’ll love feeling closer to the action with you by his side.

You can also consider getting tickets to a game that’s happening in your area if he’s already got his favorite team picked out.

3. A New Wallet

Does your man have a wallet that’s falling apart? Then it’s time for you to treat him to a new one. A nice leather wallet is a classic gift that most men will appreciate. And they’ll love you for not spending a ton on it!

4. His Favorite Cologne

Does your man love to smell nice? If so, he’ll definitely appreciate a new bottle of cologne from his favorite brand. He’s likely been wearing the same scent for a while, so he might be due for an upgrade!

5. A Beard Trimmer with All The Accessories

Does your man have a beard? Then this is one of the best gifts you can get him. Not only will this trimmer allow him to keep his facial hair looking great at all times, but it will come with multiple accessories as well! Your man will become an instant barber with all the tools he needs at his fingertips.

6. A Watch He’s Been Wanting

Does your man wear a watch now, but it’s outdated or doesn’t fit him quite right? Then you should consider buying him a brand-new one that he’ll love! Watches are always classic gifts that most men appreciate, and you can’t go wrong with this gift. Your man will be excited to wear his new timepiece every day.

7. Gift Him Something Expensive

If you’re looking for a romantic gift, consider buying him an expensive piece of jewelry. You can choose from a variety of gold rings for men. This is a great option if your man doesn’t already have one or if he’s been wanting to upgrade his existing one.

Moreover, you even ask them to help you pick out his new ring. He’ll be excited to try it on and show the ring off around the house!

8. A Day for Two at an Escape Room

Does your man love to solve puzzles? If so, then this is the perfect gift for him. Not only will he have a ton of fun attempting to escape from an escape room with you by his side, but there are tons of different rooms that you can choose from as well.

Your man will appreciate your thoughtfulness when he realizes how much effort you put into selecting this gift option.

9. Leather Gloves

Is there a time of year that your man doesn’t wear gloves? If so, then you should definitely buy him a pair as a gift! Leather gloves are great to keep in the car during the wintertime. They’re also stylish and will keep his hands warm while he’s out and about.

10. A Grill Tool Set and Steaks

Does your man enjoy grilling out during the summer? Then this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him! You can choose from a variety of grill toolsets, and steaks at an affordable price point-and both options will make a big impact.

11. Sports Fan Memories

Is your man a sports fan? Then you can buy him memories from his favorite team to mark the occasion. Memory Lane Inc. is one of the best options for making custom items for avid sports fans, and he’ll appreciate that you went above and beyond to make this Valentine’s Day special!

12. A Quality Leather Bag

Does your man need a new bag? If so, then you can’t go wrong with a quality leather satchel! This is a timeless gift idea that most men will love-it never goes out of style, and it matches virtually any outfit. You can even have his initials, or full name stamped onto the front to personalize the gift even further.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your man how much you care. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift, consider one of the ideas we’ve listed above.

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